Monday, November 9, 2015

A traditional éclade de moules in San Francisco

A glorious Indian summer weekend in San Francisco, celebrating our friend Maxime's birthday and gathering in a hidden backyard garden to set up an epic meal ~ an "éclade de moules", a traditional mussel preparation typical of the region around Île de Ré in South West France.

With over 50 pounds of fresh mussels this éclade was a group effort: traditionally started with just four mussels set up in iconic cross formation, additional mussels are slowly added in ever growing circles and arranged hinge up on a large plank of pine wood that has been soaked in seawater. 

eclade de moules mussel eclade

Once the mussels are set up, they get covered with heaps of pine branches that get set ablaze. After about five minutes the smoldering branches are swept away, leaving behind a bracing aroma and piping hot mussels filled with smoky meat cooked in their own juices.

Served with loaves of fresh baguette and good butter they made for a memorable seafood treat!

mussel eclade pine needles eclade de moules

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