Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A modern townhouse in Cologne & flammkuchen in a hidden garden

More long overdue catching up with this summer's dinners with friends while traveling and finally editing the photos of this fun flammkuchen feast with our friends Andrea and Bernd in Cologne. Both expert mushroom foragers and passionate home chefs, they had invited us to their fabulous townhouse for a long summer evening in their garden and catching up on life over flammkuchen and dry white wine ...

Flammkuchen translates to flame cake, a Southern German {& Alsatian} speciality, a bread dough rolled out very thin, either oval or rectangular and usually topped with crème fraîche, thinly sliced onions and lardons - although Bernd's interpretation with fresh sliced porcini mushroom made for an an amazing variation!

the menu.
~ mozzarella, tomatoes & fresh basil
~ rustic bread and basil spread
~ flammkuchen with crème fraîche and sliced porcini
~ flammkuchen with soppressata and yellow peppers
~ basil panna cotta with wild strawberries

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