Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A rustic kitchen and favorite table under the fig tree

Summer has arrived again, and as in the past couple of years we have escaped San Francisco's summer gloom and returned to Vetulonia, an Etruscan founded hilltop town nestled into the rolling hills of Tuscany's Maremma region – returning once again to Il Baciarino, our "home away from home", a small agriturismo with five rustic cottages nestled into a quiet oak and olive grove and owned by our dear friends Clelia and Andrea.

The first days have been a much needed timeout, resetting our clocks to life with the cycle of nature, long afternoons spent in the shade of "our" fig tree, embracing the Italian siesta concept, reading, relaxing and cooking simple meals in our rustic outdoor kitchen with endless views.

dinners with friends Il Baciarino dishesonly

After a cold spring of last year, this June has been exceptionally hot and humid – turning most meals into simple affairs of fresh fruit, salumi, cheese, the first tomatoes of summer and the occasional "to go" seafood dish from Andrea's kitchen. Here are some impressions of some of these meals ...

dinners with friends Il Baciarino dishesonly
dinners with friends Il Baciarino dishesonly

{ beautiful handmade Tuscan ceramics via dishes only }

Note: if you happen to be in Rome tomorrow {Tuesday July 4th}, 
make sure to swing by the aperitivo ceramics sale event 


  1. Un bel sogno...perhaps a few days after Vinitaly next year.

    1. I will have you covered with tips and itineraries, in case you are venturing this way next year ...


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