Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Italian road trip & finding Airbnb gems along the way {Il Mulino del Porticello}

Mulino del Porticello Capo Vaticano Ricadi

A last minute search for accommodation in Calabria turned into a favorite highlight of this summer's Italian road trip

We were en route from Basilicata to Sicilia, only looking for an overnight stay along the way, when we spotted this incredible family compound near Capo Vaticano on AirbnbAfter browsing just a few photographs we booked for the next day. And after an exhosting day of driving and sightseeing along the way we found our way down a rugged country road to the grand surprise that was Il Porticello

Il Mulino del Porticello Capo Vaticano Ricadi

We pulled up just as our hosts along with some of their friends were arriving for the summer. Luggage and groceries were transferred down the steep slope, rooms were still getting set up after off-season hibernation for family, friends {& the occasional paying guest}, but by sunset we had met everyone for a refreshing plunge in the Thyrennian Sea ...

And as we put down our bags in our fabulous room {Ulivo}, we knew an overnight stay would not be enough of an experience at  Il Porticello , so we extended for another night, spent a lazy day in the seaside cove, explored the property and its hidden artworks - and joined the extended family for a fantastic dinner on the highest terrace ...

Airbnb Mulino del Porticello Capo Vaticano Ricadi
Il Mulino del Porticello Capo Vaticano Ricadi
Mulino del Porticello Calabria Capo Vaticano Ricadi

Grazie to Micaela, Daniele and everyone else who made our stay so memorable!

Capo Vaticano
{+39} 393 0399821

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