Monday, April 13, 2015

An classic oven and an ancient taste of Rome in San Francisco { Montesacro }

Montesacro SF Pinseria
A first sneak peek at one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in San Francisco this spring, at least on my radar ~ say Benvenuto to Montesacro Pinseria Romana e Enoteca !

Montesacro is not only the first pinseria romana* to open in the United States, it's also a striking restaurant space: classic tile, peeling paint, rustic chairs and the dining room's centerpiece, a gigantic vintage bread oven, make it feel like the space has been there forever. Crazy side story: not even the landlord was aware of the15x15x8ft oven, excavated during renovation and over 100 years old, that was hidden behind solid walls of sheetrock for the past decades. It turns out the oven was once part of a restaurant operation at one point spanning 20+ venues all across the city.

at Montesacro Pinseria Romana in San Francisco - photo by Julia Spiess

You enter from a quiet downtown alley into a space that feels like it's been there forever ~ and one that almost feels like it could be somewhere in Rome. And the menu reads distinctely Roman, as well: a range of sott'oli {vegetables marinated in parsley, chili & garlic infused olive oil}, salumi, porchetta and cheeses followed by a piping hot, crisp pinsa romana make for a rounded meal. 

* pinsa is an ancient flatbread once prepared by peasants outside Rome's imperial walls. Grains and cereals like barley, oat, millet and spelt were kneaded with sea salt and herbs, then pressed into shape {the Latin word pinsa means "pressed"} and baked over hot coals. Montesacro's take on the pinsa dough is made from a balanced mix of rice, soy and wheat flours that is imported directly from Rome, making for a much crisper & more lightweight crust than classic pizza ~ one that's almost gluten-free!
510 Stevenson Street 
{corner of 6th Street}
 San Francisco
(415) 795-3040

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